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The psychological experiment with boiled rice porridge with castor sugar or salt made for the children is well-known. Under Soviet Regime it was shown on TV several times. On the screen we saw 8 boys and girls about 6-7 years old divided into equal groups. A lady, psychologist-experimenter, takes in her hands a plate with boiled rice emitting smoke and puts on the edge inside of the porridge a little spoon of sugar, tastes it and praises it to the skies: oh, what a delicious and sweet this boiled rice porridge it is! Then she puts into the porridge salt instead of sugar, asks children to taste it and to express their opinion about its quality and taste. The first boy tastes it, twists his mouth (it is to be seen, that he doesn't like it), but he he says word for word as psychologist does, so that the boiled rice porridge is delicious and sweet! The same opinion about the taste and sweetness of the porridge is expressed by all other children, except one boy who spitted it out saying that porridge is not good and tasty, because it is salted. This simple and convincing experiment shows that among children only selected few have self-dependence in their behaviour and independence in expressing their opinion. As a matter of fact, if such a type of experiment had been invented for adults, the result wouldn't have been different, as symptoms of the pressure of different sorts of authorities these people have in their childhood, keep it in their youth, grown up age and even in old age. This part of human community is easy to recognize by the following signs: they live namely in rumours, fed by somebody else's opinion, as well as books, magazines and newspapers' authority; even if they are educated, they are limited by corporative views. These people are run by mass media. They are mass media's obedient kids. They seek the guilty of their own actions not inside, but out of them, out of their character. Another, smaller part of mankind, forms its world outlook exclusively on its personal experience. There are also such people among amstaff fans, let's call them amstaff people. The new website organized below is appealing exactly to independently thinking amstaff people for the exchange of experience, opinions, observations in the sphere of breeding, maintenance and upbringing of amstaffs. The experience of every breeder is unique. That is why it can not be repeated on the full scale by anybody and anywhere. But it can as well be considered as a starting point for the search of the new horizons or revision of the already stale approaches. In order the discussion can become lively phenomenon, interesting for the most, we formed several organizing and directing elements. 1) The site will be in four languages, namely Russian, English,German and French, so the breeders from all over the world can take part in it.2) Discussion will be assisted by special speaker who will be invited for each topic. Moreover, in the activity will take part also an analyst who will work constantly and whose task will be systematization of the material, its analysis and general summarizing. To begin with, we submit for the discussion the following subjects: 1) Maintenance of amstaffs in the kennels, in the family, its advantages and shortcomings, 2) The most optimum feeding of amstaffs,3) The best sport for amstaffs, 4) The kennel in the system of FCI: private, pedigree-type or professional one? 5) Unchangeable "surname" in FCI-system: what does it mean? 6) The notion "Russian Amstaff" has it right for existence? We wait for your themes and topics for discussion.